The Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

The Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

Many Sports Injuries Can be Avoided

Published on November 26th, 2012, 17:05. in General.
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Injuries happen! Whether you are young or elderly, overweight or slim, careful or careless, doctors tend to bodily injuries on a daily basis. Many of these injuries can’t be helped. Nevertheless, with a little care and forethought, outdoor and indoor sports injuries can be avoided.

Some sports injuries can occur through no fault of a participant. For instance, the well-known South African cricketer, Mark Boucher, was recently forced to retire from cricket after being struck in the eye by a cricket ball while standing at the stumps. It was a sporting tragedy for this wicket keeper who holds the world record for the most Test dismissals. This type of sports injury was unexpected and could not be prevented.

However, where most sports injuries are concerned, a little planning can help. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle during the week, then decide to run a twenty kilometre race at the weekend, the rapid burst of movement can place you at risk for a back or knee injury.

When playing 
Brisbane indoor sports there are some essential steps that can be taken and it is important to have a warm up beforehand. Various muscles should be exercised every day in order that all your body is in good shape. Warming up and cooling down are important routines that help to prevent injury.

The warm up process should involve stretching exercises especially for the muscles that will be used during your specific sporting activity. The length and force of your warm up session should be adapted to the temperature and circumstances. For instance, if you are about to play soccer on a hot day, you will require less time to warm up your muscles. At the very least, you should take a short jog and perform a few stretches for the calves, hips, arms and shoulders, amongst others. These exercises will only take approximately five or ten minutes, yet they can help to prevent muscle injuries.

Furthermore, ensure that you drink plenty of water during and following any heavy physical exercise. Your body should be well hydrated at all times. A lack or liquids is one of the major causes of burnout and exhaustion during sporting activity.

Wearing incorrect shoes can also have an effect on your well-being. Ill-fitting sports shoes can be the source of pain in feet, knees and ankles. Shoes that don’t provide foot support might also be the cause of back pain.

You could argue that you never warm up before a sport and you have never experienced any problems. Nevertheless, why take any chances, when a few light exercises before a game might help to keep your muscles in prime condition and prevent a painful injury.

Take Sport Indoors

Published on October 23rd, 2012, 23:56. in General.
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We all love the long summer days and fun in the sun. The downside to summer is that there are a lot less clothes to hide away behind – all the lumps and bumps are likely to show through. Going to the gym or pounding the pavement is not always the most fun way to spend time on a summer’s day, however. 

An Alternative Way to Keep Fit

There are more fun ways to keep fit – take indoor sports, such as indoor soccer, for example – you are getting fit while playing and so you don’t really feel as though you have had as much exercise. The big advantage of indoor sports is that they are not dependent on the weather – which can be capricious in summer. 

Indoor Soccer 

Indoor soccer Brisbane is played in much the same way as normal soccer – the field is just smaller. Games can be as casual or as serious as you like – many people who play indoor sports set up their own leagues. 

And you need not worry if you are still a beginner – soccer is a game that is fun and easy to learn. You just need to find players who are around the same level as you. Once you get fitter, soccer can become more challenging and you will be able to get a really intense workout. Soccer is pretty good cardio for those who play the game. 


If kicking the ball isn’t appealing, getting your heart going with volleyball may be a better option. Volleyball doesn’t involve as much running but it is still intense and a great cardio workout. 


Indoor cricket is, again, not very different from normal cricket – the rules are amended slightly because of the space you are working with but, by and large, they are about the same. Cricket can also be great for cardio.


Many of us would have played netball at school and so we know what great exercise it can be – it’s an intense, face-paced game and it can be very competitive. 

You will be looking, in the longer term, to increasing your sport to one that is more fast-paced. 

We should also remember that keeping fit is not just about looking good but also about being healthier in the long run. In terms of disease, the biggest killers are diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Doctors recommend at least half an hour of cardio exercise three to five times a week to keep our risk of disease down. 

They also agree that anything that encourages you to exercise is a good thing. If “formal” exercising is not really your scene, you should look at something such as indoor sports for a fun and informal alternative.

Bring Sports Indoors

Published on September 24th, 2012, 19:25. in General.
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When it comes to enjoying sports, there are a lot of us that love not only to watch sports on TV but to get stuck in and play them as well. Unfortunately for most adults, we generally don’t have the time today to play sports during the day. This is where the advantages of indoor games are really obvious. Indoor games can be played at any time of the day or night, regardless of the weather. The rules of indoor games are also adjusted and, generally speaking, the games are shorter than those that are held out of doors.

This is great for the stressed executive – you get to enjoy your favourite sport at a fraction of the time a normal game takes and you are not restricted to daylight hours to enjoy the game. A lot of companies encourage their employees to engage in indoor sports like cricket, hockey and indoor soccer as a way to keep them fit and healthy. It is a fun way to keep fit - a lot more fun than spending hours in the gym. It is also a fun way to approach team building – teams get to bond with each other and various departments within the company can challenge each other. Alternatively, your staff can challenge teams from other companies or take part in a league.

The games can be as friendly or as competitive as you like. Whilst a lot of people go just to have a good time, the competition can get pretty serious and several indoor leagues have formed. If you don’t have a team but would still like to play, you should still go along – it is a great way to meet people and you will no doubt be co-opted to play in next to no time at all.

This is not only a great activity for company teams but also for family teams as well. It is a fun way to make sure that your kids get out and get active and allows them to make new friends. Sports have long been a fantastic way to build up life-long friendships. It is also a great way to get your kids away from the PlayStation and will help them to set up a healthier way of living.

All in all, there are a lot of benefits to playing sports indoors – it’s a fun way to get fit with a bit of a competitive edge to it as well.

Indoor Sport—A Healthy Alternative

Published on August 27th, 2012, 19:39. in General.
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Exercising and playing sport is an ideal way to help you keep fit and remain healthy. However, many sports enthusiasts argue that the only way to keep really fit is to exercise or play sport outdoors.

Although this attitude may have some points, it’s a fact that people who enjoy a sport all the year round do have other alternatives—an indoor sports centre. These clubs are located all over Australia, which tells us that they have become extremely popular in this country.

Let’s make some comparisons. Playing cricket outdoors is great fun. Except—playing outdoors with our harsh sun burning up our skin can have a detrimental effect on our health. Not now or next year, but later in life when moles appear and we begin worrying about skin cancer. Sunscreen and hats do help, although many people have been known to get skin cancer even after taking precautions.

Indoor cricket is a great alternative for those who don’t want the sun beating down on them. Indoor sports Brisbane clubs offer fantastic facilities for cricket lovers. More important is the fact that all the family can enjoy this indoor game.

Other traditional outdoor games can also be played indoors. Football is a fine game that is generally played outdoors, but social players find that one can get very hot in the summer months and very cold during winter. An indoor football game is fantastic exercise and it can be played even when gales are blowing outside. In fact, the changing weather conditions lead people to consider joining indoor sports clubs where they don’t have to worry about playing in soaking clothes.

Several other games are offered at indoor clubs. Indoor handball and volleyball have become very popular as a team sports. Young and old alike are able to keep fit whilst playing these fun-filled games. A website search shows that professional clubs offer graded competitions for all ages. At the same time, the social atmosphere is an added attraction. The clubs usually offer eating facilities for the members and their visitors. Spending a relaxing hour after a strenuous game is an ideal way to cool down as well as meet new friends .

Children, in particular, love indoor sports clubs and their parents know exactly where to find them—no searching high and low. The children are either playing games with their families or are being supervised by professional sportsmen who assist with game rules. Even more exciting are the birthday parties that can be arranged for boys and girls who are celebrating and they make an exciting change from the usual home functions.

Outdoor sports are a part of Australian life. Nevertheless, indoor sports are fast becoming incredible and healthy alternatives.

Staff Who Play Together, Stay Together

Published on July 31st, 2012, 19:52. in General.
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Relationships, we can’t avoid them. We are in relationship with our family, friends, partners, spouses, co-workers and even our pets. The quality of our relationships have a big impact on our personal wellbeing. The relationships we spend the most time engaged in are going to have the biggest influence on our well being, and sense of self. For most of us, work is where we spend most of every week day and so keeping good relationships with co-workers is not only good for the staff, but also good for the company. There have been many studies done on the benefits of team sports. They demonstrated that people felt much more cohesion as a group, building respect, and trust.

Playing a team sport such as indoor cricket is a great way for staff to get to know each other. People who share a common goal naturally tend to pull together, overcoming differences and building stronger bonds between those on the same team. Indoor cricket has none of the weather constraints and can be played all year round. Games are fast and thrilling and teams can be mixed sexes. Why not consider offering places in the company team as part of the benefits package received by the employees?! It is a relatively low cost effective morale booster. Uniforms that proudly display company logos, team names or perhaps nick names for the players are another great way to bring a team’s spirits up as well as great advertising.

If regular weekly games are not what you are after as your company has too many employees then consider organising multiple teams that play each other in tournaments over a weekend on a quarterly or half yearly basis. Be flexible, that’s another one of the benefits your staff and management will learn as they play together and get to know each other and their strengths.

People reported better relationships with management and supervisors after playing with them in team sport, getting to know each other on a friendly personal level helped them to be more aware of their similarities rather than feeling like they were unapproachable. On an individual level, staff who take part in team sports reap the fruits of greater health and fitness which in turn lowers stress levels and makes them better employees. In short, it helps people feel happy, healthy and connected with others. Could your company do with its own indoor cricket team? Why not give it a try, form your staff team today and see for yourself.

Exercise Made Easy with Indoor Sports

Published on July 3rd, 2012, 19:48. in General.
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As kids we used to spend hours playing sports – back then, all you needed to play a good game of cricket was some rocks, a rickety old bat, even a fence paling would do, and at a push, a tennis ball. Yes, back before we started playing organised sport at school it is amazing what fun we used to have with the minimum of equipment. It was also an easy way to keep fit and healthy. If you are a little nostalgic for your youth and looking for a more fun way to exercise than riding a bike or running around on a track that goes nowhere, you can play indoor sports might offer an alternate and a more enjoyable solution.

Indoor sports provide you with a lot more of a fun way to exercise and a great way to meet people. You can also get the guys at work involved for a spot of team building. Nothing is quite as satisfying as a game of action cricket as a way to unwind from a hard day’s work. What is just as great is that indoor sports can be made up of teams of various different age groups – you can take your kids with you and enjoy a fun-filled game of cricket, volleyball, netball, soccer or handball which are among the many indoor sports you can play together.

Of course, indoor sports also provide a great way for those of us that are too busy for full games of sports – even a limited overs cricket game can take all day – how many of us can spare the whole day to enjoy a game of cricket? Indoor cricket, however, is over in a few hours and can be played in a single evening.

The rules for indoor sports are usually slightly different to those for sports played out of doors. This is because the field of play is usually a good deal smaller. When it comes to indoor volleyball, netball and handball, the fields are usually about the same size but indoor soccer and cricket are played on fields that are much smaller. As a result, the rules are adjusted accordingly.

As a general rule, indoor sports Brisbane can be played with teams of mixed ages and genders as well. Although the games can get pretty competitive, the emphasis is usually more on having fun than on winning the game unless you want to be in graded competitions. It is great for building a great team spirit and is also good to foster a great team ethic in kids.

That is not to say that the games don’t get heated – indoor sports can become pretty intense as well simply because they are played in such close quarters and over a shorter time frame. It is even possible to set up a competitive league if that is what you are looking for. In short, indoor sports can offer something for everyone – from the ultra-competitive to the sportsperson just looking for a friendly match.

Get Together and Play Together

Published on May 29th, 2012, 22:28. in General.
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Indoor sports are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Not only are they enjoyed by sportsmen but they are also growing into a family orientated form of exercise. There are now several indoor sports clubs throughout Australia.

As an example, let’s take a look at indoor soccer. For starters, it can be played throughout the year, with no fear of rain or gale winds interfering with the game. This exhilarating sport is the ideal exercise ‘fix’ for parents and their children. Over the years, the game has been modified in order to allow it to be enjoyed on a simply designed indoor court. The game is easy to play, but specific rules should be respected, especially if a team wants to play against other members.

Women and girls can also play indoor soccer, but if that is not their scene, there is always indoor netball to get them into an energetic mood. Some people are put off playing the game because they think that they have to be at a certain standard. This is not the case. This is especially true for parents and their children. Although it used to be identified as a woman’s sport, it has recently gained popularity as a mixed sport. Yes! Men do enjoy the game of netball too. Instead of cheering on their wives, sisters and girlfriends, the males are beginning to join their families and friends on the indoor netball courts.

If indoor netball sounds like an attractive idea, the rules are simple to follow. Each team is made up of seven players, although some clubs have six players a side. Furthermore, in order to keep strength levels on an even keel, a mixed team is only allowed to have up to three males. When a match takes place, the game is divided into four quarters, each consisting of ten minutes. Additional players are permitted to play as substitutes, but only at the end of each quarter. The game is especially enjoyed by those who enjoy non-contact sports as the players must not touch or get too close to the team member who is holding the ball during play.

Indoor handball is another game that attracts families and mixed players. Each team comprises five players plus three substitutes. Again, no more than three male players are permitted to play at a time. Indoor handball is sometimes mistakenly viewed as a fairly modern game. Surprisingly, the first world championship for indoor handball took place in 1938. To date, these championships have always been won by European countries, with Sweden having won the most gold, silver and bronze medals. An Australian team now also competes in the world championships, but they haven’t been too successful. Perhaps with more youngsters taking up the sport, the results will eventually improve.

There are other sports that can be played on indoor courts. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Instead of watching others enjoying indoor sports, join a team or, even better, encourage your family to take up an indoor activity at a sports club.

There might be some truth in that much used expression, ‘the family who plays together, stays together”

Dairy Consumption—The Choice is Yours

Published on May 2nd, 2012, 22:29. in General.
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So that there is no confusion, let us first establish what is meant by ‘dairy products’. Dairy includes:

• Milk in its various liquid forms;

• Cream;

• Yogurt;

• Hard cheese; and

• Cottage cheese.

There are two schools of thought regarding whether eggs are dairy or not. However, for this article, we will exclude eggs, as the general opinion is that eggs belong to the meat and poultry pyramid.

Is dairy good for you? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Let’s examine milk. Although a glass of ice cold milk after a sports session at a Brisbane indoor sports club is a welcoming drink, unless we know we are allergic to milk, in which case, it could be harmful to our health according to many researchers.

Milk is a great provider of whole protein. It contains all the known amino acids that are necessary for a healthy body. On the other hand, whole milk can add large amounts of cholesterol and fat to our diets, which can also add unwanted kilojoules that may result in an overweight appearance. Latest research also links cow’s milk to various health disorders, such as, breast cancer and heart disease, amongst others. People who are prone to high cholesterol are best not to drink full cream milk as it has a high content of saturated fat.

Scientific reports also indicate that certain ailments are connected to milk intake. Children with milk allergies don’t respond well to cow’s milk. An acne breakout can often be avoided by reducing milk intake. Asthma may also be associated with consuming cow’s milk.

Some healthy alternatives to cow’s milk are goat’s milk and almond milk. Goat’s milk is much easier to digest and better suited to our nutritional requirements. Almond milk is made from ground almonds that are blended with water then sieved to produce a healthy liquid substitute to cow’s milk. So, how can we compromise when it isn’t always possible to buy these milk alternatives? Nowdays there are also 'adjusted' milk products such as 'A2' milk that may be able to be consumed with less risk. 

Cow’s milk is rich in calcium and vitamins. We should recognise that any diet that is high in fat can promote heart disease and high cholesterol. By drinking skim milk or using it for cooking, health risks that are attached to a high fat diet can be reduced. In the same context, weight problems can be avoided by selecting low fat milk products. At the same time, a healthy attitude to exercise will also assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Adverse weight issues are created when more food and especially saturated fats are consumed than our bodies need. If outdoor exercise is not possible, an indoor sport such as indoor cricket will help to balance our weight by eliminating excess kilojoules.

Remember also that only a small percentage of children are allergic to cow’s milk. There is a saying that cow’s milk is healthy, but only for baby cows. Whether or not this is wholly true is a debate among doctors and researchers that has continued for many years.

Supercharge Your Energy Levels

Published on April 2nd, 2012, 19:37. in General.
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Salisbury Super Sports Endorses these Tips to Boost Your Energy

After an exhilarating game of indoor cricket at Salisbury Super Sports, it’s not unusual to feel energised. The latest studies, which were published in a recent Psychological Bulletin, indicate that frequent exercise improves our energy levels. Dr Patrick O’Connor, of the University of Georgia, USA, stated, “... if you’re physically inactive and fatigued, being just a bit more active will help”.

In other words, instead of reaching for a cup of coffee or an energy drink, we should put on our running shoes, beach shoes, sneakers, runners or whatever other name we call our exercise shoes, and perform some physical activity. If possible, exercise should be the type that increases our heart rates.

Exercising consistently, either through partaking in a specific sport, a workout at a gym or even fast walking, will increase our circulation and keep our hearts in a healthy condition.

Yet another way to energise our bodies is to take a short nap during the day if possible. Research indicates that a ‘power nap’ after a hectic morning or after using the brain for several hours is the ideal way to rejuvenate not only our bodies, but also our minds. If a short nap isn’t possible, we should attempt to get eight hours of sleep every night, but no less than six hours. A night of living it up and crawling into bed for three or four hours’ sleep is acceptable on special occasions. However, to make this a regular habit is detrimental to the health of even the fittest of athletes.

Eat a nutritious breakfast! It’s amazing how so many people grab a cup of coffee and a biscuit and think that they will be able to survive until lunchtime. Yes, it is possible, to make it through the morning, but those who do so might wonder why they are feeling so tired. A healthy breakfast that contains protein and fibre and not too many carbohydrates keeps up our energy levels and helps to maintain our blood sugar at an acceptable balance. For instance, oatmeal with the addition of a favourite fruit is one of the healthiest breakfast meals. Yoghurt with fresh fruit is also a wholesome meal, especially the Greek variety. Anita says "I pile my natural Greek yoghurt with blueberries, goji berries and LSA mix, it keeps me full and gives me energy!"

Stress and worry can also greatly reduce our energy levels. When we become over anxious, we use up a great deal of energy. It can leave us both emotionally and physically drained. Suppressing our anger can also deplete our energy. In place of these energy sapping emotions we should do something that we enjoy, such as listening to some favourite music, reading a book or playing a few computer games. Nevertheless, the best stress reliever is probably exercising or taking up a sport.

Andy N, a member of Super Sports says, “Playing indoor netball keeps me fit and also gets rid of the tensions of a stressful week. Running and jumping after the ball has been a great way to keep me in good shape, and at the same time, it gives me the energy to take care of my lively young daughters”.

Next time you are feeling lethargic try some of these remedies to help boost your energy. Not only will you benefit; your family will also be delighted.

Salisbury Super Sports Members Agree with an English Cricketer

Published on March 6th, 2012, 16:45. in General.
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The celebrated English cricketer WG Grace once remarked, “A cricketer’s life is a life of splendid freedom, healthy effort, endless variety and delightful good fellowship”. “It’s a fact”, says John S, an enthusiastic cricketer and indoor cricket member of Salisbury Super Sports, “Australia has embraced this magnificent game. It’s just a pity that it originated in England”. These playful comments, known as sledging, are all part of the fun, though. Although England is known to be the home of cricket, Australia must be a close second. In fact, Jim Laker, England’s famous cricketer, is quoted as having said some time ago that the aim of English cricketers is mainly to beat Australia. Now that is a compliment if ever there was one

Unfortunately, many would-be cricketers don’t have time or the opportunity to play cricket outdoors. For this reason, “Salisbury Super Sports has proved to be a popular venue for cricket lovers”, says Michael N. This is true. Its indoor games have become a blessing not only for indoor cricket enthusiasts, but for various other indoor games that have grown in popularity.

However, to get back to the game of cricket in general, the original outdoor game began its popularity some time after the British ‘invaded’ this beautiful land way back in the late 1700s. Although Britain might have expected Australia to always be a penal colony, somehow that has changed somewhere along the way. We have produced many famous cricketers, both professional and amateur

Australia’s most famous cricketer is Sir Donald Bradman. He was the first living person in Australia to have his or her photo on a postage stamp, apart from British royalty. He died at the age of 92, which suggests that his old age might have been the result of his athletic lifestyle. To date, he still holds the record average of 99.94 runs. Bradman definitely turned cricket into a truly Australian sport. Between 1936 and 1948 he captained 24 test matches of which Australia lost only three of their games.

One can’t talk about cricket without mentioning Shane Warne. Although he never captained five-day international test side, he is noted for his bowling expertise. Some batsmen were known to cringe whenever he walked on the field. His bowling prowess earned him the title of being one of Wisden’s five best cricketers of the past century. This was indeed a great tribute as he was the only bowler to be selected for this grand honour. Other renowned Aussie cricketers are Allan Border, Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting. Cricket has, however, come a long way since Sir Donald Bradman’s days. It is much more taxing and players are put through rigorous training routines. They also play many more international test matches as well as ODIs and Twenty20 cricket.

A Salisbury Super Sports manager says, “Playing indoor cricket and other indoor games, such as indoor netball, is a healthy and ideal way to keep fit, and, at the same time, members enjoy meeting new friends”. And that’s fair dinkum!