The Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

The Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

September 2011

Team Sports Bringing New Friends Together

Published on September 21st, 2011, 18:59. in General.
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Team sports are a great way to stay fit and healthy. Adults and kids alike can experience a whole new lease on life as they increase their energy levels. With so many people overweight these days, itís good to use sport as a way to control weight. The mental and physical benefits of doing physical exercise in the form of sports are well known. Also well known but quite often overlooked is the social benefits that playing sport can bring too. While the first age group that comes to mind here is children, adults have a great deal to gain socially from playing team sports as well.

Social impact for big kids.

While itís easy enough to assume that adults have plenty of friends to meet and socialise with, this is not always the case. Many adults today seek to make friends of similar interest. In some cases there has been social awkwardness that has prevented adults from meeting and making friends with other adults. In situations such as parties or bars, meeting people is not always the most ideal or realistic. The great thing about making friends for adults through sport is they are connecting with other people who are interested in leading healthy lifestyles. Some people find they are required to move either from another country, state or suburb and lose touch with afew of the old friends they use to have. Getting involved in team sports such as indoor netball Brisbane at a local centre means they have the opportunity to make new friends in their new place of residence. This can make the transition an easier one and allay any feelings of isolation.

Social impact for little kids.

Very young children rely solely on their parents for interaction with other children. Babies and toddlers are unable to instigate a friendship on their own without the encouragement of parents who are willing to get together. However as they get a little older it is important to start learning the skills of interacting with their peers on their own and develop important bonds that will increase their self confidence. While it still requires an adult to get a child to the venue of a team sport, children can then explore making their own friendships within their team or through other teams. It can be the start of building long standing friendships to enrich a childís life.

Indoor sports Brisbane is no doubt a great way for young and old to meet new friends. Healthy beginnings mean stronger friendships and these start within team sports.